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I would like to extend the thanks to not only students but also the majority teachers for not only pushing me out of my comfort zone, and help me to gain a different view and different aspect in life, help me to develop who I am today.

- Chalsea Campell


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Welcome to Bond International College

Bond International College has been contributing to the success and development of students from around the world for over 30 years. Our commitment to you is to provide an integrated learning, living and personal development environment that is founded on academic achievement and is driven by your needs.

Bond is a story of success and educational excellence. Since 1978,  thousands of Bond graduates have successfully gained admission to some of the most prestigious universities in Canada.Today, many of Bond alumni are active members of Canadian Society. Bond International College has become not only one of the largest private international colleges in Canada, but also a place for nurturing and producing international talents.

Thank you for taking the time to view our college website, and please feel free to contact us for additional information.

At Bond, we succeed when you succeed.

Success Starts at Bond!

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University Destination

University Destination

Canada offers a wealth of higher education options and life-enriching opportunities at its universities and colleges. These institutions are diverse, varying in size and programs, and they are located across the country. Read more...


Bond International College is an independent, co-educational university preparatory high school. Courses are developed in accordance with the academic requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education. Read more...

Residence/Home Stay


Bond International College provides integrated care and services for international students from all over the world.  International students are well supported by our staff upon their arrival,  Read More...

Home Stay

As an alternative to living in the Residence, students have the option of living with a Canadian family (Home Stay) located close to the College.  These host families are carefully selected by our school  Read More...



International students are well supported by our staff upon their arrival and during the entire duration of their stay at Bond. The following services are available for Bond's international students:

Personal Services

* Airport pickup and arrival confirmation  


Sports Activities

Bond International College is a member of the Small School Athletic Federation.  The Small School Athletic Federation encourages students to participate in activities in a climate of fair play and sportsmanship.  Read more...

Field Trips

The classroom is not the only facility for learning. At Bond, we encourage our teachers and staff to support learning experiences through planned and enriching field trips. Read more...