Message from Principal

At Bond International College, we promise an INTEGRATED LEARNING, LIVING, and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM that is founded on academic achievement and driven by the needs of young people.

I have been an educator for more than 40 years in secondary schools. From these experiences, I have come to understand that scholarship is best achieved in a personalized environment, which is safe, secure and caring. This is what we promise to you when you come to Bond. Our highly trained and experienced staff members deliver high quality personalized programs that prepare students to successfully meet the challenges of college and university life.

You should know that our graduates are accepted by some of the finest universities. Many of our graduates receive scholarships. What is equally important to me is that our students enjoy great success in university and college, largely the result of the sound foundation, which Bond provides them.

As a parent, I share and understand your concern for the well being of your child. At Bond, our full range of educational, guidance and support services provide each student with the support and guidance they need to thrive in university and as an adult.

Success Starts at Bond! Not only have we demonstrated this to our graduates, but our current students also know it to be true. Let us demonstrate it to you!

I hope to see you at Bond International College. It will be our pleasure to help you achieve your educational goals.

Jeffrey Farber


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