Bond English Immersion Program
Bond English Immersion Program for students is focused on delivering an educational experience.  Our program provides participants with exposure to Canada, Canadian student life and diverse cultures.  The design of our program allows participants to immerse themselves in Canadian culture and share experiences with Canadian students. Students practice their English skills throughout the entirety of the program while being supported by teachers and peers.

Our educational programs are innovative, inclusive and interesting.  The Secondary ESL Program offers an innovative way of delivering quality ESL instruction to participants,while providing a fun and truly Canadian adventure.

The Elementary Immersion Program participants join our Bond students and attend classes with them, participating in all of the subjects.  This is an excellent opportunity for participants to experience a Canadian classroom first hand, learning English by being fully immersed in an English speaking environment.  Best of all, our students and participants have the opportunity to interact, learn about their respective cultures and develop friendships.

At Bond, it’s easy to make friends because participants study with students their own age, all day!  Everyone is friendly and fun; we have so many different personalities it’s easy to make a new best friend.  When we ask our students why they love Bond so much, the first thing they say is the friends they’ve made.

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