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Success Stories

I would like to extend the thanks to not only students but also the majority teachers for not only pushing me out of my comfort zone, and help me to gain a different view and different aspect in life, help me to develop who I am today. And also I would like to send a special message to new coming students, whether international or local, while studying in a new school maybe very difficult and seems scary especially you come to the country for the first time. Bond will provide you with the experience that no other school will. You'll gain new friends and also don't be afraid to try sth that out of your comfort zone. You might just develop character like I did, such as being confident or not so shy any more, that will help you throughout your life.

- Chalsea Campell

Residence Living

Bond International College provides integrated care and services for international students from all over the world.  International students are well supported by our staff upon their arrival, and during the whole period of their stay, at Bond.  Bond International College offers an ideal accommodation, at an affordable price, to more than one hundred students.  Given such a friendly and caring environment, students are provided with an excellent learning environment and quality living conditions allowing them to focus on their studies and participate in extra-curricular activities.  Our students learn to understand and accept each other while living with their peers from all over the world.

Some of the key benefits of our Residence include:

Residence is open 365 days a year, no need to move out of Residence during public or school holidays
Residence staff live in the Residence to ensure 24-hour total care
Dedicated Residence staff meet regularly with the students to track their residential, academic, and social progress
Morning wake-up call each morning and evening room checks
Residence students receive assistance with their homework from qualified teaching staff of Bond International College
Extra-curricular activities and exciting group activities, allow our Residence students to integrate and make new friends
Accessible Transportation: Located 2.3 km from school; school bus picks up and drops off students from Residence to school, TTC bus routes are close by
Holiday activities and festive celebrations
Legal custodianship is provided to all the Residence students, under 18 years of age, to meet Canada’s immigration requirement

High quality cuisine is the essence of our daily menu which has been specially customized to provide students with an impressive variety of delicious food.  Both our school and Residence cafeteria cuisine is served by experienced, friendly and professional food services personnel. During school days, breakfast and lunch are served daily at the school cafeteria.  A meal card is used to facilitate services.  Students living in our Residence receive well balanced nutritious meals three times a day, year around.  Our cafeteria staff is certified in safe food handling.

Residence Facilities

Quality Living Conditions

Residence is open 365 days a year; no need to move out of Residence during public or school holidays
Computer-controlled Residence doors only permits entry to Residence students with proper access cards, equipped with 24/7 automatic surveillance security monitoring system (Closed-circuit TV), to ensure the well-being of Residence students
Round the clock, live-in Residence Supervisors; regular inspection by our Residence Supervisors
Fully furnished, comfortable, shared rooms (double and triple), complete with: private bathroom, brand new bedding, closet, desk, book shelf, table lamp, air-conditioner, telephone, kettle, TV cable and wireless internet
Public Facilities: coin-operated laundry (clothes washers and clothes dryers), fridge, microwave, multi-functional activity room, cafeteria, etc.
Nightly curfew and room check enforced by Residence Supervisors
The Residence homework club is available to all Residence students under the supervision of qualified teaching staff
Shuttle bus service from Residence to school and return at the end of the school day
Home Stay Living

As an alternative to living in the Residence, students have the option of living with a Canadian family (Home Stay) located close to the College.  These host families are carefully selected by our school with the students’ comfort and safety in mind. 
Students who plan to live with Canadian local families are required to apply before they come to Canada.  A Home Stay coordinator will find the most suitable family according to the student’s requirements listed on the Home Stay Application Form.  Usually, a Home Stay Coordinator will provide two to three options for students.  These families are very experienced in hosting international students and can provide a safe, comfortable and caring living environment.  Moreover, these families are in frequent communication with Bond and are willing to help students integrate into the local culture.  We work very closely with our host families to provide a Canadian home for you. 

Some of the key benefits of our Home Stay include:

It provides a daily opportunity for international students to improve their practical English skills
Student will have a private/shared furnished room
Students are taken care of by their host family like a family member
There are many opportunities for local community involvement by joining host family activities
The host family will assist the student with self-discipline
Our Home Stay Program offers a truly Canadian living experience, plus valuable life experience through which young international students grow and thrive.