Bond Academy offers grade 12 courses online

Bond Academy is proud to offer grade 12 courses online. The same passion we bring to the classroom has resulted in a great online experience that helps students who are unable to take these credits in the classroom.

Bond Grade 12 Online Courses


Study difficult courses at your own pace while getting the support you need to do them well. You can complete courses in one month or in one year.  You don’t need to rush through difficult courses. Complete courses at your own comfort level while getting as much support as you need to complete your courses successfully.

Feedback and support

Unlike many online schools, Bond Online teachers provide unlimited support at every step of the way, at no extra charge. We give you the personalized support you need to be successful.

For English Language Learners, online courses are a great opportunity to do exceptionally well. First, all instructions and feedback are written down and stay within the course for you to review at your own pace. There is no chance of missing any instructions and students have unlimited opportunities to ask follow-up questions to clarify their understanding.

Furthermore, our philosophy is to follow the process approach: students receive extensive feedback during the process of developing an assignment, in the brainstorm, outline, and draft stages before the assignment is marked, so there is no mystery about the requirements to submit a successful assignment. Again, there is no limit to how much feedback students get, and combined with flexible course timing, there is greater opportunity to be successful because you have the time to discuss your work with the teacher, and then the time to revise your work as needed. This level of support is of tremendous benefit to English Language Learners.

Finally, English Language Learners receive extensive language support in their writing. Students, if they need, will receive feedback on their writing and help in improving the quality of their communication. It's not grammar exercises - it's just extra language help wherever they need it.


At a price of $550 per credit, these courses are an amazing value.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your needs and how we can help you reach your academic goals.

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