Bond’s 2016 Meet-the-Teacher Evening

On September 22nd, Bond had its annual Meet-the-Teacher evening for the 2016 Fall Semester, where parents and teachers meet up in their classroom to learn the expectations from both perspectives.

“As I’ve been saying, Education is changing constantly, so should teaching styles.” said John Healey, Principle of Bond Academy. “Academics are important, but so are the students themselves. Therefore, at Bond, we not only teach students academic subjects, but also sports and personal life skills, to improve and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with a good balance of everything.”

Not having a lot of homework is one of requirement for the teachers at Bond this year, as it can have great benefits for the kids. According to Mr. Healey, it will provide the students many opportunities to try new things. For example, they can join a variety of sports teams that they have been interested in or try something different. If they are interested in, they can learn more about science through the Bond Science program after school.

“My son Sam has been transferred from a public school to Bond when he was in Grade 4. Since then, it’s been wonderful. There are massive options for students to get involved in school events, such as sports, arts, drama.” said Iris, Sam’s mother. “He was very shy when he first got here. He is in Grade 6 now, and he’s been involved in more activities than I thought possible at school. He joined the Senior Choir to perform at the Marley’s game, and he designed a drawing for the 2015-2016 yearbook cover page contest and won third place. ”

“When I asked about his new goal recently, Sam told me that he plans to try out for the soccer team and join the drama club during this academic year. I’m very happy and proud to see Sam become more confident and comfortable at Bond.” Iris added.