Bond’s 2016 Teambuilding Day

On October 4th, the Grades 7 to 10 students at Bond gathered on campus and had our third teambuilding day together.

“This is one of Bond’s annual traditions. We’ve been trying to create a closer relationship between our Elementary and Secondary students at Bond. During this event, we encourage everyone to work together as a community.” said Phil Davies, Vice-Principal of Bond and the lead organizer of this event.

The students created banners and did face painting for their own teams in the morning, and then participated and competed as teams in diverse activities designed by Bond teachers. That included an Obstacle Course, a Radioactive Field, Chuck the Chicken, Pinocchio’s Nose, Egg Drop and Zombie Room.

“Every team choose one individual to become Pinocchio, and the other members needed to work together to create a nose as long as possible for Pinocchio by using only a load of newspaper and masking tape. It requires a lot of thought and team work.” said Mrs. Cheng, the lead teacher of the Pinocchio’s Nose activity. “The students also learned problem-solving skills, communications skills and how to collaborate together as a team.”

“Students can learn teamwork and leadership through the activities. We had Grade 10 students as team captains, who showed other students how to lead, so they could learn from the captains. ” Mr. Davies added.

Students and teachers enjoyed a beautiful day outdoors doing these activities and having a BBQ lunch. The teambuilding day really brought our students and the staff closer at Bond.