Bond’s Grade 9 Trip to Toronto Botanical Gardens

On September 28th, both classes of Bond’s Grade 9 students had a field trip to Toronto Botanical Gardens with their teachers Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Samuel.

The students got an opportunity to tour the Toronto Botanical Gardens (TBG), the building, and the creek nearby. “We decided to take our grade 9 students on this trip to help them understand the impact of humans on the environment.” said Mrs. Samuel, a Secondary Teacher at Bond.

The highlight of the trip was the water in the city field study. Bond students got their own water testing kits and were able to do a field study collecting data on air temperature, water temperature, turbidity, pH levels and dissolved oxygen. The data they collected will be a part of a community field study initiative by the TBG.

The leaders gave the students a tour of their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building. Mrs. Samuel said that this trip was also an introduction to a project the student’s will be working on ‘Creating a Better Bond’ where they will be redesigning the school both inside and out as well as incorporating protocols to make it a LEED certified building.