Bond’s First U20 Frisbee Team Went to Tournament

On September 28th, Bond’s first-ever U20 Frisbee Team went to Aurora to compete in the SSAF U20 Ultimate Frisbee Tournament.

“We’ve been thinking about forming a Frisbee team for a while, and this year we’ve had enough athletic students who are interested in this sport.” said Ryan Quigley, one of the Frisbee Coaches and a Secondary Teacher at Bond. “We only had four practices before attending today’s tournament. We will still need to work harder on our catches and be smarter about our throws.”

“The other schools did surprise us a little bit, as their catch completion rate was really high at above 90%, which is what we need to do better.” said Coltrane, a Grade 12 student. “We need to communicate a lot with each other and get focused in the field.”

Both of the Coaches Mr. Quigley and Mr. Joshua Bolt mentioned that they are very proud of this team and what they’ve done so far. “We got a win, a tie and a lose so far. We believe after more training and practice, this team can improve quickly and will do better in the future.”