Bond’s Trip to Camp Wanakita


On October 12th to 14th, the Grade 6 to 8 students at Bond enjoyed their annual camping trip to YMCA Wanakita Camp in Haliburton County.

The lead teacher of this camping trip, Mr. Poulin, mentioned that this year was the 11th year for Bond to organize the Grade 6 to 8 students to have a trip to Camp Wanakita, and everyone has been looking forward to this exciting trip.

“We understand that kids from the city normally are not familiar with the deep-into-the-woods activities, but Bond students did really well.” said Catherine Smith, one of the program staff. “For instance, I ran a canoeing lesson with the Grade 8 students. Even with a windy day, the students still tried, which is the greatest step of all. I also saw many kids come out of their comfort zone when trying High Ropes. They really pushed themselves.”

The Grade 6 Teacher Mr. Kobylski participated to help students build shelters. He said the students learned to create a water-proof layer of skin in small groups. “They did excellent. A few of them even tried different strategies in order to build a better shelter. Everyone had a great time and learned a lot.” he added.

“This is my first time to go an camping trip. I really enjoyed everything, and we had lots of fun during these three days. My favorite activities were canoeing, low ropes and shelter building. I cannot wait to come back here next year.” said Alex, a Grade 6 student at Bond. No matter which grade the students are in they had an unforgettable time together and learned many new things at the camp.

“We all had an amazing time. We participated in a wide variety of fun activities that allowed us to be comfortable within our own personal limits, and still felt safe enough to challenge ourselves to achieve a few personal victories. We also enjoyed the beautiful scenery of autumn colours.” said Bond’s teachers and parents who joined this trip.