Bond’s Grades 6-8 Experienced Media on the Street

On November 25th, the Grades 6 to 8 students at Bond Academy took a special field trip with their teachers to downtown Toronto. They had an educational walking tour inside the CBC building as well as some streets in the neighborhood.

A tour guide from Walk T.O. introduced different methods of media to the students, including: the media used by media, by the city and by business companies. The students visited the CBC museum to learn the history and the development of equipment in the media field. A lot of students showed interest and tried to make different sounds of fire, wind and knocking on the door.

The students were divided into small groups to have the experience of being a part of media. Under supervision, they were encouraged to pitch news ideas, set a topic, decide at least three interview questions, and go on the street to interview random people. Then, they gathered together to summarize all the interviews and wrote headlines for their report.

Many students mentioned that they really enjoyed this “Media on the street” field trip, and learned the importance and the types of media used in a wide range of situations through everyone’s daily life.


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