Shakespeare: A Special Theatre Project at Bond

December 14th, Bond hosted a classical theatre project’s production of The Complete Works of Shakespeare. All Bond’s Secondary students and teachers, as well as a group of students from La Citadelle International Academy of Arts and Science enjoyed this special play.

One of the Bond Secondary Teachers mentioned that the production was especially valuable to students currently studying Grade 11 or 12 academic English, or those who hope to take these courses in the future.

This hilarious production offered a unique insight into the life, work and world of William Shakespeare. The play was a great opportunity to experience Shakespeare's works the way he intended it to be experienced. Some of his most popular plays were covered in less than two hours by only three actors!

After the play, Bond students were encouraged to practice their own play in the workshop. They were divided into six groups to create a one minute show of Romeo and Juliet after a 30-minute preparation. Each group performed their own version, and received compliments from the audience.