Bond Participated in the U12 Flag Football Tournament

On December 14th, Bond’s team went to Vaughn Sportplex II to participate in the SSAF U12 Open Flag Football Championships.

Bond’s Athletic Director Mr. Carney mentioned that the Bond team competed in four group matches. “Our players did a very good job during this tournament. We won second place! We had some new players from Grade 6 join the team this year. We learned a lot from the other schools’ teams.”

“I’m so happy that we were in the top two in this championship. Mr. Carney told us the strategies of passing and catching the ball before today’s games, but I still felt a little nervous on the field.” said Sam, a Grade 6 student at Bond. “My teammates Christian and Andrew are the strongest and fastest on our team, so we passed the ball to them. It was harder than I thought to grab the flag from the other players when we were all running, and I only did it once successfully during today’s games. But I believe I will do much better after training in the future.”

“This is Sam’s first time playing on the Flag Football team at Bond. When I heard this news, I was very excited and I hoped he would do well for the team.” said Iris, one of the Bond player’s parents. “Sam is a little shy. In order to help him become more open and cooperative, his Dad and I have encouraged him to join the sports team. Sam showed some improvement, and we were really happy to know he volunteered to join the school’s flag football team.”

Congratulations, Bond’s U12 Flag Football Team!