Our Visit to Ryerson University

By Li Jiewen (an ESL student at Bond)

In November 2016, we went to visit the Ryerson University, which is located in the downtown of Toronto, and the geographical position is convenience. It’s beside the financial main road of Toronto.

It was the first time I went to this university; the architectural style of this university is freshness and creative. The exterior wall of the first building in my eyes is made by glass, which is crystal-clear and beautiful.

The first thing we did in this university was to attend an information presentation. The teacher told us something about the school, such as the learning methods, the classrooms, the student support, the athletics and fitness, the residence life, the scholarships, etc. The most important things I was interested in were the faculties of this university. There are 6 faculties of this university: Arts Communicate and Design, Community Services, Science, Management, Engineering and Architectural Science respectively.

The faculty of Communication and Design in this university get the high achievement in North America, every year the students who study design in North America come to this university to take part in the fashion show. The students can show their creative design and share with each other; they can communicate and learn. It’s the biggest show for the students who want to show their creations, and the whole process of the show is held by students themselves.

And then we experienced the 3D printing, we used two sensors to draw the 3D lines. This technology of sensor is by HTC. When I waved the sensors, many lines in 3D status appear in front of me. It’s amazing and incredible. I have never touched something like this. After that, the teacher showed us the 3D model printing. First of all he chose a picture in his computer, and then he put a bundle of line in a machine.10 minutes later, a cute Pikachu model appeared in my eyes. These lines were made of different material, so it could make different material of model.

After visiting these techniques, we walked around in the university. Although it was cold outside, we couldn’t restrain our excitement. What a quiet university located in downtown, the lake in the middle of the school was icing up; students could skate on the lake. But in fact, most students were reading beside the lake.

Also, we went to the gymnasium. We saw some students playing the basketball and hockey in different areas, and the other students used different kinds of equipment to help them keep fit. This university is full of energy!

I learned many new things today, and yielded a lot of information. I am grateful to Bond for taking us to visit Ryeron University.