Fun Skating Day for Bond Elementary!

On February 15th, Bond students from Grades 2 to 8 went to a local community centre for their annual skating day.

Some students practiced their speed skating skills, while others went on the ice for the first time. A few Bond teachers went on the ice to coach the rookies how to skate. After the free skating, students were encouraged to have a short track race against each other based on their grades. During the race, students were cheering for their friends, especially for the ones who tried skating for the first time.

The most exciting part was the speed skating relay race between the Bond student teams, the Bond teacher team, and the local police officer team. “I had a really good time. I was on a team to race against other students, teachers and police officers today! It was very exciting! I liked it a lot!” said Victor, a Grade 4 student at Bond.