New Students Orientation for Bond

On the afternoon of Thursday, September 14th, Bond invited students from Grades 9 to 12, who are just beginning their studies at Bond, to join an orientation presentation.

Mr. Davies, the Vice-Principal of Bond, welcomed everyone to the school. He introduced the policies and rules of the school, and he also encouraged students to do outdoor activities and to learn more about the city. He added: “Toronto is a beautiful place, students, especially international students, should go out and enjoy what this city has to offer as well as doing their studies.”

Mr. Herbert Li, a Guidance Counselor, gave an informative presentation on the topic of “Ontario Secondary School Diploma Requirements”, including the Credits, Volunteer hours, and the Literacy test. He then introduced the university application process, and advised all students to study hard to get good marks, and encouraged international students to use English as much as possible. All our teachers at Bond will work along with the students to help them obtain acceptance to the university of their choice and have a bright future.

One of our 2017 excellent graduates, Jessica was invited back to Bond to share her successful experience. As the student who received the 2017 Governor General Award, Jessica said “I really do encourage all of you to try as hard as possible right now, because the challenge is only going to get harder and tougher in the future. So please, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.”

Success Starts at Bond!