Bond Parents Can Learn Digital Safety Tips from “Parent University” Now


The more popular social media gets among students, the more digital safety tips students and parents should know. Now, Bond parents have the opportunity to learn how to keep the kids safe online through a nationally recognized online program – “Parent University”.

The “Parent University” program is offered by a leading website named “”, which provides parents, students and educators the updated digital safety tips, such as the latest 50 good and bad teen apps.

The main categories of the videos, which parents can watch with the kids to stay safe online, include: How to shine online, How to be safe online, and How to spot bullying. For instance, parents and students can learn about How to create a positive online portfolio for colleges, How to monitor your own digital footprint, How to use social media accounts safely, How to handle cyber-bullies… and so many more informative videos.

As a bonus, members of “Parents University” can get access to SmartSocial’s private Facebook Group, which is a “neighborhood watch” for digital safety as well as a place for families to discuss questions and new app alerts.

Fore more information, parents are welcome to visit their website: