Meet the Teachers: Learn the Expectations

On the evening of September 21st, Bond’s 2017 Meet-the-Teacher event was held on campus. Parents and teachers met up officially in the classrooms to learn the expectations for both teachers and students.

Mr. Healey, the Principal of Bond Academy, introduced the school policies, the educational philosophy and methodology at Bond, as well as the challenges. “As parents, we all want the best for our children; as teachers, we all want the best for our students. It is important for parents and teachers to demonstrate role models of behaviour.”

Mr. Healey mentioned that Bond students have been encouraged not to be afraid to make mistakes in class because that’s how people learn. “If you don’t make any mistakes, then you’re not pushing yourself.”

He added: “Besides academics, our students are also encouraged to join different school activities, and to learn social skills as well as transferable life skills, because teachers realize the importance of preparing them for the future.”

After the welcome and introduction from the Bond Academy Community Council presented by Rita Simmons, the Chair of BACC, the parents went to their children’s classrooms to meet with their teachers. The teachers shared the expectations for this school year, and answered questions from parents.