Bond Teachers vs. Students Soccer Game, Fun!

On Thursday, September 28th, Bond students and teachers had a fun soccer game on campus. A number of students and staff came out to cheer for their favourite teams.

“The game is mainly to create interest in the school soccer team and sports in general.” said Lennert Vonk, the art teacher and coach of Bond’s U20 Soccer Team. “It also showcases our great staff and how they perform as a team.”

The friendly competition was still exciting to the school. The teachers had the first goal soon after the game started. After an intense game, the students won the match 5 to 4.

“It was a beautiful afternoon to play the game, and I enjoyed it. We, the teachers, did much better this time than the last one.” said Michael Peters, a Secondary Teacher at Bond.

Thank you everyone for participating in this event. What a lovely afternoon at Bond!