2017 Bond Teambuilding Day: Go Teams!

On October 5th, Grades 7 to 10 students at Bond participated in the annual fun teambuilding day on campus.

“The event is intended to build a rapport between the elementary and secondary students, which solidifies the Bond Community spirit, as well as builds the teamwork skills of all students involved. It also promotes the leadership skills of the secondary students, most of whom were team captains for the 4 main activities.” said Mr. Papini, a Secondary Teacher at Bond and the lead organizer of the event this year.

The day started with the eight teams creating team names and constructing banner’s to represent their teams, as well as painting their faces, all in the name of rousing the team’s spirits, sense of competition and teamwork.

Soon after, the teams participated in 4 different events with each team squaring off against one of the others in an obstacle course, a blind count off game, the games of Vikings and Chuck the Chicken.

Mr. Peters, the lead teacher of the new activity, gave students a detailed introduction: “Kubb is a game that Vikings used to play. Each opposing team starts off with a row of 5 wooden blocks called skulls, at complete opposite ends of the field. Halfway between the two teams, in the very centre of the field, is a big wooden block called the king. The objective is to knock over the opposing teams’ skulls with wooden rods called femurs, in order to earn a chance to knock over the king for a victory.”

All the teams competed enthusiastically and all of the students exhibited excellent leadership and learned how to work as a team. After the events, the students were treated to a BBQ, and awards were given to the individual who showed the best leadership skills, the most team spirit, who had the best face paint as well as to the team with the best banner/name, and the team with the most points after all the events.

All in all the students had fun and learned a lot of beneficial skills in teamwork and leadership and the day was a success all around.