Bond’s 2017 Halloween Parade

Happy Halloween! Take a look at our celebration at Bond: the Halloween Parade!

Our costumes this year included: Batman, Spiderman, firefighter, police officer, Supergirl, Superman, Cinderella, rock star, witches, Harry Potter, cute angels, scary zombies… and so many more. As they were walking by the main office on campus, teachers and parents were handing out candies and taking photos.

This year, our Grade 8 teacher and his students used their creativity and imagination to decorate the classroom by using different materials, to change it into a scary maze.

“I had so much fun on Halloween at school!” said Sam, a Grade 7 student after the parade, “This year, my classmate and I created this year’s costumes together. We designed the masks into the same style but painted them in different colours, to present the matching costumes. It was really cool!”

Happy Halloween, everyone!