Lest We Forget - Remembrance Day Ceremony

On November 13th, Bond students and staff and parents attended the annual Remembrance Day ceremony, and showed our appreciation to the veterans and people who are still serving our country.

The ceremony commenced with the school band performing the national anthem "O Canada", as all in attendance stood in respect.

The touching voices of the Bond Junior and Senior Choirs singing "Blowin' In the Wind", and the Drama Tableau Reflections "We Remember" by drama club members reflected our wish for world peace. And a poem named "That Year" was read by two Bond Secondary students Elaine Lyu Yiling and Jason Yaning Xu.

Major Paul Preikschas introduced Mr. Larry Goucher from Toronto Limber Gunners as this year's guest speaker at Bond. Mr. Goucher gave a speech about his experiences and stories during the ceremony.

After a moment of silence, two Bond Elementary students, laid the wreath on behalf of all Bond students and staff.

Lest we forget!