Parent-Teacher-Student Interview Night at Bond Secondary

On the evening of November 22nd, parents of Bond Secondary students were invited to meet the teachers for an update on the children's progress.

"Bond Secondary has two formal Parent-Teacher-Student Interview Night in every November and April, and there are may informal interviews, such as the parents phone the teachers or dialogue through emails. The main purpose is not only talk about academics, but also cover any issues the students may have. That is why we encourage them to come together with the parents to join the individual meeting." said Mr. Farber, Principal of Bond Secondary School.

Mr. Farber mentioned Bond Secondary has many international students whose parents normally couldn't response to the Parent-Teacher-Student Interview Night; however, an interesting fact this year was that about a dozen parents or guardians of our international students showed up to talk to the teachers.

"That's the result of our experienced Guidance counselors who have been doing such a great job with student services, and trying to keep the communications open and active with parents." he added, "They send the report cards on time to the international students' parents, dialogue with them through social media on a daily basis whenever needed, and also talk on the phone with them as often as with the local parents."

Parent-Teacher-Student Interview Night at Bond was an opportunity to open up the communication for both school and home, so parents and teachers can work better together for the success of our students.