Bond Secondary PD Session: Learn the "21st Century Competencies"

On the morning of November 23rd, a Learning Coach from TDSB was invited to Bond and gave an informative presentation with the topic: "The 21st Century Competencies" to our Secondary teachers.

The main idea was to help everyone develop a depth of understanding about the concept of global competencies, including: Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking and many more. The Leaning Coach also discussed with our teachers about how to make the global competencies part of our teaching to support students to be successful.

Through table discussions, group activities and audio-video displays, our Secondary teachers were encouraged to share their own teaching experiences, such as teaching styles and methods, lesson plans, class activities and engagement, as well as dealing with different challenges.

"It was a very helpful and useful session. We've already been doing some of the concepts, and it was a good opportunity to learn more, so we can be better prepared in class in the future." said our Secondary teachers after the session.