2018 Celebration of International Women's Day at Bond

The Grade 12 Business Leadership class wanted to honour and celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 by holding an awareness initiative that had the potential of reaching Bond students and staff on both a cerebral and emotional level. They collaboratively decided on a film festival and then showcased a curated list of films during lunch and after-school from March 5-8. Each film was followed by a discussion.

The films  brought viewers up close and personal to the experience of voicelessness, discrimination, objectification, misrepresentation and violence. Viewers felt the dangers of silence, understood the potential of ideology to oppress and were shocked by the barbaric practice of stoning. The films simultaneously brought viewers profound hope as they witnessed women triumphing with great courage amidst “impossible” circumstances while seeing women challenging by limiting media constructions and understood the importance of women supporting women and men supporting women on the journey to gender equality. Lastly, the voice of Malala Yousafzai particularly resonated with our students reminding them of the vital role education plays in empowerment.

We feel very proud to have been able to further the discussion of gender equality for this year’s International Women’s Day and thank everyone for their support.