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Success Stories

I would like to extend the thanks to not only students but also the majority teachers for not only pushing me out of my comfort zone, and help me to gain a different view and different aspect in life, help me to develop who I am today. And also I would like to send a special message to new coming students, whether international or local, while studying in a new school maybe very difficult and seems scary especially you come to the country for the first time. Bond will provide you with the experience that no other school will. You'll gain new friends and also don't be afraid to try sth that out of your comfort zone. You might just develop character like I did, such as being confident or not so shy any more, that will help you throughout your life.

- Chalsea Campell

Academic Programs

The academic program at Bond International College offers a comprehensive selection of secondary school courses described by the Ministry of Education, Province of Ontario. These courses lead to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), and allow students to successfully prepare for admission to any university program.

Our academic counselors help students to develop a Personalized Study Plan. The courses selected in this plan reflect the particular needs of the students, the variance in their interests, and the requirements of the university or college which the student plans to attend.

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