Integrated Care

International students are well supported by our staff upon their arrival and during the entire duration of their stay at Bond. The following services are available for Bond's international students:


Personal Services

* Airport pickup and arrival confirmation

* Residence or Home Stay

* New Arrival Orientation

* Bank Account Set-up

* Medical Insurance Purchasing/ Counselling

* Toronto Library Card Application

* Toronto Transit Card Application

* Multilingual Support

* Visa and Study Permit Renewal



* Course Selection

* Cultural Adjustment Counselling

* Individualized Counselling

* Personalized Study Plan

* University Application


E-BondTM Service

* Access to online calendar, activities and other information such as teacher communicated homework assignment

* View on-line marks, attendance, etc

* Independent learning program

* Liaisons with teachers, friends and parents


University Placement Assistance

Academic counsellors will help you develop a Personalized Study Plan, which ensures a university placement that best employs your strengths and meets your career goals.

Students have access to all the pertinent information regarding entrance to universities throughout North America.

On designated University Days representatives, from prestigious universities, are invited to our College to answer student inquiries. These universities include top universities in Ontario, such as Toronto, York, McMaster, Waterloo, Western and Queen's as well as universities from the East Coast and West Coast of Canada.

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