University Destinations

"As Bond students, we are all given the opportunity to learn something new, about the rich cultures of our peers. We attend a multi-cultural school, and because of it, we learn about each others' cultures and experience a more meaningful academic experience.

"We are making a leap from High School to University. We are transitioning from our sometimes inane adolescent ways to a more mature adult-like behavior. Luckily for us Bond has already ignited the process of learning and helped us become more in control of our futures."

Subuhi Abubaker

Grade 12 Graduate, accepted by

University of Toronto (Management)

"My one year of studying at Bond has enabled me to improve my academic English a great deal faster than my English studies in China. During my studies at Bond, I also participated in the Grade 12 Euclid Mathematics Contest sponsored by University of Waterloo and the Ontario Olympic Physics Contest. I was very pleased that I won many awards in these contests."


Thomas Zhang

Grade 12 Graduate, accepted by

University of Toronto

(Physics & Mathematical Science)

Rachel Lai

Registered nurse at Princess Margaret Hospital

Graduated from Ryerson University (Nursing) in 2005

Studied at Bond International College in 2001