Bond International College
February 29th, 2016

On January 27th and 28th, students from Grades 4 to 10 at Bond Academy had a special, yet very important lesson – CPR Training. The Toronto EMS staff delivered a hands-on course that covered the Heimlich Manoeuvre, First Aid, EpiPen use and Defibrillator use, as well as CPR for adults and babies. All students successfully completed the course and passed the written component, and received a CPR card.
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  Bond Students Enjoyed “Mad Science” Show
  On January 28th, the Bond Academy students had the opportunity to experience a fantastic hands-on Science Show provided by “Mad Science” of Toronto. With a mission to spark the imagination and curiosity of children, “Mad Science” transforms laboratory science into a fun, interactive and educational learning experience for kids.
  Speaker Series: “Parenting the Social Media Generation”
  On January 28th, as a part of Family Fun Night event, a session of the Speaker Series was held at Bond. Thanks to Bond Parent Council, guest speaker Steve Chapelle was invited to give a workshop about “Parenting the Social Media Generation”. Compared to the traditional parenting, parents nowadays are facing many challenges. One is trying to keep up with all the changes in technology.
  U10 Co-Ed Basketball Championship
  On February 10th, Bond’s Co-Ed Basketball Team, comprised of students age 10 and under, went to the HoopDome to compete against other private schools in the U10 Co-Ed Basketball Championship. After winning the games in the morning, Bond continued on their path to the semi-final game. Everybody came together as a unit when they were on the court. Go, Bond, Go!
  U12 Co-Ed Basketball Championship
  On Wednesday, February 17th, Bond’s Co-Ed Basketball Team, comprised of students aged 12 and under, went to the HoopDome to compete against other private schools in the U12 Co-Ed Basketball Championship. After being victorious in four games in the morning, Bond continued on their path to the semi-final game.
  Bond Skating Day, Fun!
  On February 19th, Bond students from Grades 2 to 8 enjoyed the annual Skating Day at McGregor Park Community Centre. While some students were volunteering to help teach their classmates who went on the ice for the first time, the others were practicing their speed skating skills.
  Bond Students Learn to Make Chinese Lanterns
  On February 19th, in order to celebrate the Lantern Festival, Bond students and teachers had the opportunity to learn how to make traditional Chinese lanterns from three Lantern Masters. The Lantern Masters, who came from Nanjing especially for the fourth Toronto-Qinhuai Lantern Festival, showed Bond students how to make one of the most classic Qinhuai style lanterns – the Rabbit Lantern.
  Bond Performed at the Ontario Vocal Festival, Bravo!
  On February 23rd, the Bond Senior Choir went with their teachers to Bowmanville High School, and performed at the Ontario Vocal Festival of Canada. “It is a non-competitive vocal festival which aims to encourage students to perform without competing with other schools.” said Laura Harvey, Bond Vocal Teacher. “I think we did great! Our third song was named ‘lightening’, and was our hardest song. But that was the best we’ve ever performed it. "
  Bond Won the U16 Boys Basketball Championship!
  On Wednesday, February 24rd, the Bond U16 boys’ basketball team traveled to the Hoop Dome to participate in the SSAF U16 Boys Basketball Tournament. Every player on the Bond basketball team played with their heart and did their best. Congratulations to our U16 Boys Basketball team! Thanks for your hard work and determination! Go Bond Go!
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