Bond International College
May 31st, 2016

On May 4th, Bond hosted a rehearsal performance of a classical string piece played by Sinfonia Toronto. The performance was divided into three viewing sessions for Bond students based on their grades. Ms. Harvey mentioned that the orchestra is traveling to different schools to give students an opportunity to hear a string orchestra in rehearsal throughout the year. “It is a worthwhile listening experience.”
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  A Letter from Bond Book Fair Committee
  Dear Parents, Students and Staff: First, a big thank you goes out to the staff, students, and parents who helped make the Book Fair a success! Our goal was to raise $2,500.00 and as of Thursday, we met that goal. Our final total was: $3,455.00!
  SSAF U20 Ball Hockey Tournament
  On April 28th, Bond’s U20 Ball Hockey Team and coaches travelled to the Magna Centre, in Newmarket, to compete in the SSAF Under 20 Ball Hockey Tournament. “We have a young team this year. Some of the players have the background of playing ice hockey, and we try to develop them into playing ball hockey,” said Jeremy Keetch, a Bond Secondary School Teacher and Ball Hockey Coach.
  Police Road Safety Presentation at Bond
  On May 5th, Bond invited a Toronto police officer to give an informative presentation about road safety for all the Secondary students on campus. The presentation focused on the rules on the road, traffic safety, distracted driving as well as the Maryland point system in Ontario.
  Bond’s 2016 Super Swim Meet
  On May 12th, every Bond student from Grades 1 to 8 participated in the annual swim meet. All the swimming strokes were offered this year. The highlight of this year’s Super Swim Meet was when students had demonstrations for cannonball, diving, free style, and popular belly flop contest.
  Bond Won Medals at Track & Field Tournament
  On May 13th, under 12 and under 14 Bond students competed in the annual Track & Field Tournament at York University. “The team did an excellent job today with their hard work, focus and dedication resulting in many of our team members winning medals.” said Royal Carney, Athletic Director at Bond. “I’d like them to learn something from this event no matter if they win or lose.”
  Bond Grades 7-9’s Trip to Lakeridge. A Great Fun Day!
  On May 16th, Bond students from Grades 7 to 9 went together to Lakeridge Resort to enjoy a great fun day. This is Bond’s second year of a Lakeridge trip for team-building activities for our Grades 7 to 9 students. “The idea was to build a close bond between our middle school years.” said Phil Davies, Vice-Principal at Bond. “We had different activities for the students to do as a team.”
  Bond Participated in SSAF U10 Co-ed Soccer Tournament
  On May 17th, the Bond soccer team went to Wismer Park to participate in the SSAF Under 10-year-old Co-ed Soccer Tournament. “The team did really well today! They are younger students and still learning.” said Christine Donaldson, a Kindergarten Teacher and U10 Co-ed Soccer Coach at Bond.
  Bond Won Medals at RDS Invitational Track & Field Meet
  On May 19th, our under 10, 12 and 14 years old Bond students won medals at the RDS Invitational Track & Field Meet at the University of Toronto Varsity Stadium. “They are very supportive and they were cheering each other on. They did an excellent job in all of their events.” said Tina Crokidas, “We have won a lot of medals today.”
  Bond’s Band Performed at Canada’s Wonderland!
  On May 20th, Bond’s Band had a special performance in the early morning. “The Band had an excellent performance at Canada’s Wonderland today! We played three songs all together.” said Michael Allen, a Music Teacher and the Band’s Conductor at Bond. “They did an amazing job!”
  Bond Joined the U20 Softball Tournament
  On May 24th, the first day after the Victoria Day long weekend, our Bond Secondary Softball Team were busy heading to Milliken Mills Park with their Coaches Joshua Boldt and Jamie Doggart to participate in the Under 20-year-old Softball Tournament.
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