Bond International College
August 31st, 2016
Bond Elementary 2016 Graduation Ceremony

On June 24th, Bond’s Grade 8 students had their Graduation Ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments in grade 8. It’s the graduation season, and now we have to say good-bye to our lovely Grade 8 graduates who have been with us at Bond for all or most of their elementary years. We watched their personal development in the physical, emotional, academic and social aspects of their growth.
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  Bond Secondary 2016 Graduation Ceremony
  It’s the season of graduation! On June 21st, Bond’s Grade 12 students had their 2016 Graduation Ceremony to celebrate their achievements of the year. Mr. Farber mentioned that over one hundred Bond students obtained an Ontario scholarship, and about 90% of Bond students got an acceptance from the university of their first choice.
  Bond Elementary Awards Ceremony
  On June 28th, Bond’s elementary students had their Awards Ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments in the 2015-2016 school year. The Bond Academy Awards Ceremony serves as an opportunity for students and staff to reflect on the academic year at Bond while casting an excited glance towards the future.
  Speech Competition at Bond
  On June 14th, the Bond International College held a Speech Competition in order to encourage our ESL students to improve their presentation skills. Ms. Sosnowicz and Ms. Doggart said that they will organize speech competitions more frequently at school in the future, and hope to see more students participate next time.
  Bond Academy “Artistic Week”
  Learning Paper Art from a Chinese Crafts Professional Qingmei (Kathy) Hu, a well known art and handcraft teacher from Beijing, China, also the mother of a Bond student, was invited to teach paper arts at Bond Academy Summer Camp Arts and Handcraft Program, which occured on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from July 25th to August 18th, 2016.
  Orientation for Teaching in China
  On Tuesday, August 16th, Bond Schools International held a newly hired teachers’ orientation to welcome all the teachers who will be teaching in China for the 2016-2017 academic year. Dr. Charlotte Ge, the acting Vice-Principal of Bond International College, outlined the importance of understanding Chinese students’ learning strategies, including language barriers, writing strategies, cultural differences etc.
  Summer in Canada: a Special Adventure!
  This summer, over 200 high school students and teachers have traveled to Bond from China. They were from 5 different cities and 6 different schools. These students and teachers spent 2-3 weeks here to find enjoy a new and truly amazing experience. At Bond, the engaging and intense English courses allowed the students to extend their English reading, writing and speaking abilities.
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